We accept Christmas hors d'oeuvres 2020.


[Surizier Xmas Hors d'oeuvre 2020]
Available upon reservation.
This year's Christmas hors d'oeuvre is a guide with super super super special content.
It is sold as a set of # azaburoseroom's #preserved flower and # spainolivejuice's world's best olive oil #Pagos Detral!
¥ 12,800 for 2 people
・ Sendai beef roast beef
・ Miyagi Prefecture Forest Chicken Thigh Roast Chicken
・ Galantine of duck and foie gras
・ Black truffle quiche
・ Pescatore with plenty of seafood
...... etc.
¥ 6,500
-Artificial hiba with a gentle texture that looks like powder snow, chic roses and carnations, and cute princess apples and pine cones.
An LED candle is placed inside to create a table flower that brightly colors Christmas night.
All are artificial flowers and dried flowers, so you can enjoy them for a long time.
With box ¥ 4,500
・ 100% pure olive oil using only the type of olive called Picual in Andalusia, Spain.
The taste, aroma, and mouthfeel create a special flavor that is unique to the real thing. Won the gold medal at the International Extra Virgin Olive Oil Show. Olive oil that is particular about quality.
◎ Customers who purchase all of them as a set will be offered ¥ 23,800 for a limited number of 5 sets for ¥ 22,000 (tax included).

#I wish you a wonderful day today
To La Fleur de Cerisier
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Phone 022-724-7448
In charge Fumihito Sato
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