You can enjoy the French bistro in Sendai in a calm space

Many bistros where adults can calm down and enjoy food and drink, because they can enjoy French cuisine in a retreat-like space and stylish atmosphere, many guests come to entertaining, dating and banqueting You A restaurant where you can enjoy French cuisine and wine slowly is also close to Aoba-Dori Ichibancho Station, and you can come from various places. In addition, it is well received that you can eat high quality food at a safe price, and the inside of the shop is a shop that is always crowded with customers living in the area.
The restaurant is also open on Sundays, so you can come here for your convenience, such as dinner with your family or lover, or as a reward for yourself. It's a relaxing place to stay, so please feel free to drop in if you are interested.

This bistro is recommended because you can enjoy homemade French in Sendai

The bistro that can be used in various scenes such as banquets, entertainment, second-party meetings, etc., both food and drink, stick to the ingredients used and prepare only the safe and secure things carefully selected by the owner, so health It is also recommended for those who are concerned about. We will prepare a wide range of popular dishes such as salads using plenty of fresh vegetables that are popular among women, and popular course menus for both men and women.
Owners who wish to enjoy delicious and healthy meals are developing daily trial and error menus that customers of all ages can enjoy. Also, if you have food that you are not good in the menu, please let us know in a flexible way. If you would like to enjoy homemade French cuisine that utilizes solid technology and experience, please come visit us.

If you would like to taste French and wine in Sendai please come visit us

The bistro, which offers dishes that are beautiful in one plate, one plate, and finished in detail, can enjoy authentic French cuisine at a safe price, so we can stay in the distant places where we can enjoy sightseeing with a focus on the local people. It is used to the person of. A variety of dishes prepared only by the ingredients selected by the owner, such as fresh vegetables, hearty meat and pasta, are filled with feelings, and many customers are satisfied.
Alcoholic drinks, which are popular among liquor lovers, offer not only wines that are compatible with French cuisine, but also original cocktails, and there are also menus that can not be tasted at other stores. Please feel free to visit us once, as you are comfortable at home and enjoy a relaxing meal and drink until the end.