Sendai's popular French bistro is perfect for banquets and entertainment

The popular French bistro La fleur de cerisier in Sendai, with its many courses, is a perfect venue for parties and celebrations. We would like to offer delicious dishes when we want to have a dignified meal with friends, companies and families, and we compose the course menu while carefully considering the flow from the appetizer to the main dish.
As we ask about customer's request when we have a banquet, please contact the secretary who is considering the party.

The voice of the customer who sent to the famous French bistro in Sendai

The bistros that are closely connected to the area have been delighted by the customers who used them. There were various voices such as "The restaurant was calm and easy to use in entertainment," "The taste is deep, and for the first time I have eaten such delicious meat", "I was able to respond to surprises," etc. It is a shop that has been sent. And, in order to meet the needs of our customers, we will keep in mind the warm service and operate while listening to the voice of our customers.
You can enjoy a menu of juicy meat dishes, fresh vegetable salads, home-made highballs at a safe price, so many customers who like French cuisine and liquor come to the store. If you visit us, you can make a smooth guide by booking in advance. Please feel free to contact us by phone if you are interested in banquets, entertaining and bistros popular in Surprise.

A nice voice has arrived at the French bistro in Sendai

The bistro is popular because the food is carefully cooked by the owner, and a wide variety of wines are especially popular. We consider the compatibility and balance with the food and finish it as a palatable drink, so it is recommended for those who like alcohol as well as those who have never drank wine. As we always keep in mind the service which we considered the customer first, you can feel free to consult with us about your various cooking needs.
We want you to pull out because it contains weak ingredients in the menu, and want to know if ingredients with allergies are used, we will respond quickly and flexibly to any request. Therefore, it can be used casually on important days such as entertainment and banquets. We will provide high quality services by utilizing the know-how we have acquired from our sales so that you can enjoy wonderful time from the moment, so please contact us if you are looking for a delicious restaurant for your meal.

Sendai's French bistro can be used in various scenes

The popular French bistro in Sendai offers a relaxing space, warm service, and a menu created using carefully selected ingredients to ensure that guests have a wonderful time. As we prepare the environment where we can eat while relaxing slowly without being concerned about time, it is perfect for everyday use as well as dinner dating. We always consider our customers first, provide services, and respond quickly to any request, so you can enjoy your meals with peace of mind.
As a shop that has been well received by customers as the region's number one shop, those who are looking for a place where you can enjoy a full-fledged meal will also be satisfied. We will do our best to provide you with quality service and make wonderful memories, so please contact La fleur de cerisier if you are interested.

The French bistro in Sendai has a high reputation

The bistros, which have a reputation for local customers, are often used for entertainment, banquets, anniversaries, etc., and offer an extensive course menu. In the course menu you can enjoy a variety of dishes filled with the owner's attention. The dishes created by the chef using the ingredients of choice are delicious that the hands just get stuck. The carefully selected wines and original cocktails have excellent compatibility with meat dishes and other main dishes, and are highly praised by liquor lovers.
As we try to create a cozy space so that it is easy to use in any situation, people of all ages are looking forward to dining. Please feel free to contact us as we will respond flexibly to the organizers of your troubles at the welcome and farewell party and birthday party shop selection.


We will introduce access to high repeat rate bistro


Store name

La fleur de cerisier

Street address

Miyagi Prefecture Sendai City Aoba Ward Ichibancho 15-20 Sonoda Building 1F

phone number
business hours

17:00 to 1:00

Regular holiday

Fixed holiday


The popular French restaurant La fleur de cerisier in Sendai can be visited on foot from the nearest station, Aobadori Ichibancho Station. And, it is a shop that can be used in various scenes such as banquets, entertainment, and birthdays. We will provide a service that is close to our customers, so if you want to enjoy a meal in the bistro with good access and good food, please visit us once.