The French bistro in Sendai is a hot topic in word of mouth

If you are French in Sendai, La fleur de cerisier is recommended. Menus carefully selected by chefs using carefully selected ingredients are well-received as being delicious, so it is ideal for everyday use as well as for important days.
We offer high quality service as the region's number one shop, so even first time users can enjoy their meals with peace of mind. We will offer you delicious food and drinks at safe prices, so please come visit us.

The French bistro in Sendai has been well received for reviews

The bistro that has been well received by the word-of-mouth has been well received by many customers. The menu carefully selected by the owner himself using carefully selected ingredients is perfect for everyday use as well as for important day meals. It is open until late, so it's perfect for anyone looking for a restaurant where you can enjoy your meal without having to worry about time at the end of your work. In addition, we have prepared plenty of delicious drinks including liquor as well as food. With a variety of wines and original cocktails that suit meat dishes, and products that will satisfy even those who like alcohol, it's perfect for having a fun meal.
There is a strong trust as the region's number one store, and many repeaters are also available, so it is also recommended for new users. Of course, we will guide you at a safe price, so if you are looking for a delicious French restaurant that you can use freely, please come by all means.

The famous French bistro in Sendai is a hot topic

The bistro featured in the word of mouth offers wines and cocktails that are compatible with the food. All drinks and drinks, such as wine and original cocktails, are considered good by the staff in consideration of the compatibility with the meal, and the place of the meal is further enhanced. The staff with abundant knowledge will be attentively serve customers, so those who do not know which alcohol will suit will introduce recommendations if you have any questions. In addition, when eating, the atmosphere of the shop also thinks that the taste of the food depends, we produce the shop interior in a relaxed, at-home stylish atmosphere.
As you can forget your daily life and enjoy your meal, you can use it in various scenes such as anniversary, entertainment, banquet, etc. from everyday use. We are always looking for a French restaurant, so please contact us if you are looking for a French restaurant, as we will always respond to your request quickly and flexibly, with the service in mind.

If it is French, a popular bistro is recommended in Sendai by word of mouth

The French bistro La fleur de cerisier, which has a reputation in Sendai, has a store close to the station and is open until late, so you can use it anytime. The menu created by the professional staff using fresh ingredients can be enjoyed not only in taste but also in appearance, so it is recommended not only for everyday use but also for important days such as wedding anniversary and birthdays. In addition, we always try to be a service that puts our customers first, and we will treat you with smiles, so you can forget about your everyday life and have a good time.
Many residents, including those living in the area, use it, and many delightful voices such as "It was delicious, I would like to come again" have been received. We offer high quality service at a reliable price, so please contact us if you are looking for a delicious French restaurant.

Access information to French bistro in Sendai area

The French bistro in the Sendai area is located in a convenient location where you can walk from Aobadori Ichibancho Station, so it is widely used from people living in the neighborhood to distant people. . The bistro, where you can enjoy a homely atmosphere, tastes fresh vegetables and meat to drink, so many people who once eaten become repeaters.
While all menus have a taste that is more than satisfactory, there are also safe prices that are easy to order, and some customers attend regularly. The access information page provides details on access to the bistro that is loved by customers in such areas, but if you do not know the location, you will not know the route or directions Please do not hesitate to contact me.


Please visit the French bistro, which has a good reputation in Sendai

Please use it as it is perfect for entertaining and banquets

Sendai's fashionable French bistro, La fleur de cerisier, offers a variety of great drinks, including a meal menu using a variety of ingredients such as fresh and delicious meat and vegetables. In addition, since we are also open on Sundays, busy people can use it freely on weekdays.
The bistro, which offers a variety of high-quality menus at a safe price, has been well received by customers of all ages, so that first-time customers will know the atmosphere of the store. If you live in the surrounding area of the city, of course, we will offer a menu that will satisfy even the distant customers, so please come visit us.


We will introduce access to high repeat rate bistro


Store name

La fleur de cerisier

Street address

Miyagi Prefecture Sendai City Aoba Ward Ichibancho 15-20 Sonoda Building 1F

phone number
business hours

17:00 to 1:00

Regular holiday

Fixed holiday


The popular French restaurant La fleur de cerisier in Sendai can be visited on foot from the nearest station, Aobadori Ichibancho Station. And, it is a shop that can be used in various scenes such as banquets, entertainment, and birthdays. We will provide a service that is close to our customers, so if you want to enjoy a meal in the bistro with good access and good food, please visit us once.