If it is French, please come to the bistro in Sendai

The French bistro, which has a reputation in Sendai, offers a stylish atmosphere and a relaxed atmosphere, so it is used for dinners and surprises on important days. We will serve customers with sincerity so that we can provide a pleasant time for our customers and have a pleasant return.
Customers who want to enjoy authentic French cuisine should come to La fleur de cerisier, as they can enjoy a variety of menus at conscientious security prices.

The French bistro in Sendai has a high reputation

The bistros, which have a reputation for local customers, are often used for entertainment, banquets, anniversaries, etc., and offer an extensive course menu. In the course menu you can enjoy a variety of dishes filled with the owner's attention. The dishes created by the chef using the ingredients of choice are delicious that the hands just get stuck. The carefully selected wines and original cocktails have excellent compatibility with meat dishes and other main dishes, and are highly praised by liquor lovers.
As we try to create a cozy space so that it is easy to use in any situation, people of all ages are looking forward to dining. Please feel free to contact us as we will respond flexibly to the organizers of your troubles at the welcome and farewell party and birthday party shop selection.

Quality service provided by French bistro in Sendai

The bistro, which has been well received by many customers, continues to refine its cooking skills so that it can meet the expectations of each and every customer. We will provide quality service so that people who live and work in the area want to come back again. In addition, as customers respond to requests from time to time, many customers came to the store as restaurants that can eat safely, and many comments were received.
There are also customers who come from a distance because they are within easy walking distance and access from Aobadori Ichibancho Station, which is the nearest station. In addition, we will continue to provide a menu that customers can satisfy as a bistro that can deliver the taste that will never change forever, as a store that is loved by many as the region's number one store . If you want to enjoy authentic French cuisine in your neighborhood, please use it.

If it is French, please visit a restaurant that has high reputation in Sendai

As a famous French bistro in the Sendai area, La fleur de cerisier, which has received a great deal of trust from people in the area, is prepared using plenty of fresh ingredients. You can enjoy a wide range of meat dishes from main dishes, including simple salads, making use of the taste of the ingredients that can only be tasted fresh. In order to make the customer feel different taste from other shops, from preparation to preparation, we have a commitment to each and every process and go carefully. Therefore, there are many customers who want to come back again on their way home.
As it is a good location where you can walk from the nearest station, the way back from the day you drank alcohol is safe. If you want to have a meal, of course, it's an atmosphere that can be enjoyed by liquor lovers without hesitation, so please feel free to drop by at first.

The French bistro in Sendai has been well received for reviews

The bistro that has been well received by the word-of-mouth has been well received by many customers. The menu carefully selected by the owner himself using carefully selected ingredients is perfect for everyday use as well as for important day meals. It is open until late, so it's perfect for anyone looking for a restaurant where you can enjoy your meal without having to worry about time at the end of your work. In addition, we have prepared plenty of delicious drinks including liquor as well as food. With a variety of wines and original cocktails that suit meat dishes, and products that will satisfy even those who like alcohol, it's perfect for having a fun meal.
There is a strong trust as the region's number one store, and many repeaters are also available, so it is also recommended for new users. Of course, we will guide you at a safe price, so if you are looking for a delicious French restaurant that you can use freely, please come by all means.


Please visit the French bistro, which has a good reputation in Sendai

Please use it as it is perfect for entertaining and banquets

Sendai's fashionable French bistro, La fleur de cerisier, offers a variety of great drinks, including a meal menu using a variety of ingredients such as fresh and delicious meat and vegetables. In addition, since we are also open on Sundays, busy people can use it freely on weekdays.
The bistro, which offers a variety of high-quality menus at a safe price, has been well received by customers of all ages, so that first-time customers will know the atmosphere of the store. If you live in the surrounding area of the city, of course, we will offer a menu that will satisfy even the distant customers, so please come visit us.