The owner chef will deliver dishes and drinks

I grew up in Sendai. However, in the past, I saw only my faults in my city and I did not like the city of Sendai. That came to work, and I went to Tokyo several times to study cooking. One time I visited Tsukiji Market, I saw mountains of vegetables and fish collected from all over Japan. However, I felt a sense of discomfort in this huge market. There were few ingredients called "MADE IN Tokyo", and there were overwhelmingly many ingredients of Tohoku such as Miyagi prefecture. I felt once again how blessed the city I live in and how fresh and delicious ingredients are available. After the earthquake, I wanted to help this city, and if I became independent, I decided to go to the city of Sendai. I strongly hope that the locals will eat the local ingredients and have a good idea of the goodness of the local area.

[La fleur de cerisier] ... means cherry blossoms in French.

It was rooted in this town like cherry blossoms, and I thought it would be a shop loved by everyone. It is a restaurant where you can enjoy French home-cooked dishes made with homemade ingredients such as homemade bread and quiche / pate using local ingredients.

I hope it will serve as a place for everyone's thoughts.

The French bistro in Sendai is flexible.

The French bistro in Sendai is flexible.

The French bistro La fleur de cerisier, which has a store in Sendai, is a stylish, cozy and cozy space with a wealth of owners' attention. As we carefully select fresh and delicious food ingredients, we are well-received that it is delicious regardless of which menu we have. In addition, it is a bistro that boasts a high repeat rate because it is also available on Sundays to meet your various needs.
As a matter of course, regular customers, we will respond flexibly so that even those who come for the first time can spend without hesitation. You can use it in various scenes such as banquets and entertainment, so if you want to enjoy authentic French cuisine in your neighborhood, please come by once.

Access information to French bistro in Sendai area

The French bistro in the Sendai area is located in a convenient location where you can walk from Aobadori Ichibancho Station, so it is widely used from people living in the neighborhood to distant people. . The bistro, where you can enjoy a homely atmosphere, tastes fresh vegetables and meat to drink, so many people who once eaten become repeaters.
While all menus have a taste that is more than satisfactory, there are also safe prices that are easy to order, and some customers attend regularly. The access information page provides details on access to the bistro that is loved by customers in such areas, but if you do not know the location, you will not know the route or directions Please do not hesitate to contact me.

We offer fresh French in the Sendai area

A high-repeat rate bistro that offers a wide variety of menus, including meat dishes, wines and original cocktails, loves the residents of the community, especially when you can eat quality food at a safe price. It is done. We offer high quality menu with safe price so that local people can enjoy dining without shoulders and elbows. In addition, there are a wide range of dishes, from fresh and savory meat dishes, including simple seasoning to enjoy the ingredients, to a special dish, including salads and pasta that are highly popular with women who use fresh vegetables.
You can order with confidence because the grilling of meat also corresponds to your preference. The owner will hang out with your arms, so if you have any questions or wishes regarding cooking, please ask me anything.

Sendai French Bistro offers a variety of drinks

The bistro, which has been repeated by many local customers, has a wide variety of alcoholic drinks, including wine, so anyone who wants to enjoy a drink with a meal It fits well. In particular, the original cocktails that can not be tasted very well are popular among customers of all ages, regardless of gender, and boast high repeat rates. In addition, it is a bistro that offers a wide range of wines from French to savory, with a focus on easy-to-drink wines carefully selected by the owner, from sweet to dry.
Of course, we also have a large selection of soft drinks that will satisfy even those who are not good at drinking and unable to drink. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the drink menu we have.

The famous French bistro in Sendai is updating its blog

In many bistros, we have you come mainly to the customers who live in the neighborhood, but in order to let more people know the shop through blogs, we will transmit various information with photos You In the blog, we will introduce various things about the shop, such as photos that introduce the atmosphere of the shop, introduction of staff, and recommended menus. We also provide you with useful information so that you can read the blog and feel good.
As there are many people coming from afar as well as the locals, this bistro is perfect for anyone planning to visit the surrounding area. If you would like to have a meal after reading the ingredients, cooking method, and blog of the bistro that is focused on creating a calm space, please feel free to visit us anytime.