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2021/12/01 blog

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A 17-minute walk from [Sendai Station] toward the Katahira Campus of Tohoku University (southwest direction).

6 minutes walk from Sendai City Subway "Tozai Line" [Aoba Dori Ichibancho Station] toward Sendai High Court (southwest direction).


Along Itsutsubashi-dori, the back Ichibancho.

Opposite Mitsuhara-san, the shop on the first floor with the French flag

French home cooking and wine

[La Fleur de Cerisier]

Owner chef Fumihito Sato



I will do my best to help you today.


I hope you feel that this encounter is a very valuable and meaningful encounter.

Please stay with us until the end.


In Sendai, in the autumn season when it gets a little chilly, we hold an "Imoni-kai" outside Kawahara.

It's a cold season, but it's surprisingly fun to eat hot imoni together.

The protagonist used in the "Imoni" is "taro".

Today, I would like to introduce French cuisine using the taro.


[Frit of taro and white fish-curry flavor-]

Taro frit

This dish has a faint curry flavor that stimulates your appetite and makes wine unstoppable.

At first glance, the image of a supporting character is "taro", but by taking the time and effort of boiling it once, seasoning it, and then frying it in oil, the taro becomes a delicious dish that suddenly jumps from the supporting role to the leading role.

Also, by frying, you can get a texture that the surface is crispy and the contents are moist.

The cooking method called "frit" is familiar and pleasing to Japanese people who are accustomed to tempura.


[Material] For 4 people

・ Taro (medium size) ……… 4 pieces

・ White fish (sea bass, sea bream, etc.) ……… 1/2 tail

And natural salt ......... 4 tablespoons tablespoons

SB curry powder ……… 1 tablespoon

- turmeric ......... 1/2 tsp cup

・ Von Blanc (dashi stock from chicken stock and vegetables)   ……… Appropriate amount

・ Potato starch ………… Appropriate amount

· Eringi ......... 2

・ Selfille ……… Appropriate amount

・ Salad oil (for frying oil) ………… Appropriate amount



[Preparation of taro]

1. Taro is peeled and cut into bite-size (two to four split).

2. And taro cut into the pot, with a little added water and salt of Hitahita, will boil from cold water. When it boils, reduce the heat to low and boil for about 2 minutes.

3. Boiled 2. Taro put into ice water of cool, wash the slime of the surface.

4. 3. Of taro washing, now is boiled for about 15 minutes at the von Blanc, will soaked with flavor.

5. Niaga' was taro is wiped off with a paper towel to drain, and sprinkled throughout the potato starch.

To finish, fry it in oil at 180 ° C , just like any other ingredient.


[How to make]

create a. Curry salt. Add curry powder and turmeric to natural salt and mix well. * Adjust the amount of curry powder and turmeric to your liking.

a. Taro simmer following the [mise en place of taro] of the above.

. Remove the stones from the trumpet mushrooms and cut them vertically into 4 equal parts.

④. When the white fish is down to three, remove the bone and cut into bite-size (about 30 ~ 40g), shake lightly curry salt of ① to the whole.

. Sprinkle potato starch on each of the seasoned taro (2), eryngii (3), and white fish (4), and fry the surface crispy in oil at 180 ℃.

. Sprinkle the curry salt of ① on each of the fried ingredients of ⑤ and season them. (Since the white fish is lightly sprinkled with curry salt at the beginning, lightly sprinkle the curry salt to be shaken later.) * The white fish can be seasoned before frying to bring out the flavor more strongly.

. Serve on a plate, sprinkle with turmeric to the extent of decoration, add chervil and add color, and it is completed.


That's all for today.

Thank you for reading to the end today!

[Notice of recruitment of part-time staff]

La Fleur de Cerisier is looking for a part-time staff who welcomes inexperienced people.


○ What is your job?

It is a general hall business such as making simple cocktails and pouring wine to customers.

The staff of Cerisier will work part-time for the first time. There are many students who say that, even inexperienced students are okay.

Of course, double work is also welcome.


Work 1-3 days a week, including weekends

I am thinking of shifting about 3 to 5 hours a day between 18:00 and 23:00.

Shifts such as every Friday or every Saturday are OK.


* Basically, we try to make shifts according to the wishes of those who work.


This time, we are recruiting due to vacancies due to graduation of existing staff and job hunting.


You can also contact us directly by phone, Instagram, Facebook, or from our homepage.


Nice to meet you!


Well then


Next time again, La Fleur de Cerisier   See you on our blog! (o ^^ o)


Au voir (O   Voire)

À bientôt (A   Bianto   )


We're rooting for you.


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Speaking of French in Sendai, La Fleur de Cerisier


[ La   fleur de cerisier rough ruled Surijie]

Means "cherry blossom" in French.


We hope that it will take root in this city like a cherry blossom and become a shop that is loved by everyone.


We hope that you will find a store that will be useful to you.


La Fleur de Cerisier  

1-15-20 Ichibancho, Aoba-ku, Sendai

Sonoda Building 1st floor

TEL 022-724-7448

Reservation staff

Fumihito Sato