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2021/10/22 blog

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A 17-minute walk from [Sendai Station] toward Tohoku University's Katahira Campus (southwest direction).

A 6-minute walk from the Sendai City Subway "Tozai Line" [Aoba-dori Ichibancho Station] toward the Sendai High Court (southwest direction).


Along Itsutsubashi-dori, the back Ichibancho.

A shop on the first floor with the French flag, opposite Mitsuhara-san

French home cooking and wine

[La Fleur de Cerisier]

Owner chef Fumihito Sato



I will do my best to help you today as well.


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Double the taste today! Cooking with attractive French sauce!

I would like to introduce.


The essence of French cuisine lies in the "culture of sauce".

With the help of health consciousness and the development of distribution, the number of light and healthy sauces is increasing, but the number of people who enjoy classic tastes is not decreasing, and the range of tastes required is expanding more and more!

From basic sauces to those that take advantage of the freshness and lightness, we will introduce highly utilized sauces and French cuisine that suits them.



[Suzuki's Poire Pool Blanc Sauce]

"Bourg Blanc Sauce" literally means "white butter sauce",

As a sauce to match with white fish, it is the basic sauce in the basics.

I combined the boules blanc sauce with the white fish "sea bass".

The original Boulevard sauce does not add fresh cream, but here it is a recipe that not only appeals to the lightness of the mouth but also makes it easy to make.


《Bourg Blanc Sauce》

This sauce is a basic sauce that can be applied to all fish dishes.

The flavor of the butter you use in particular determines the finished taste of the sauce, so use the best one possible.

First, make "Readyction", which is made by boiling vinegar and white wine, and add fresh cream to it.

And finish with "Monte" butter.

In the traditional method of making boules blanc sauce, butter is easy to separate because fresh cream cannot be used, but in the method introduced here, fresh cream is added, so it is difficult to separate when butter Monte is made, and it is relatively easy to make. is.


[What is Monte]

* Monte is a technique that adds butter to the finish of the sauce and melts and mixes the butter to "emulsify" the sauce with the flavor and toromi of butter.

It is a technique that is indispensable for modern French cuisine, but all of them are important, such as "butter state", "adding method", "mixing method", and "adjusting the heating power of the pot", and the sauce is easy to separate and often fails. is.

First, cool the butter in advance and add it while tearing it into small pieces.

When adding butter, remove the pan from the heat and mix with a whisk, shake the pan, or mix with a spatula.

When the sauce is emulsified and connected, heat it again, but be careful not to let the butter separate if you boil it too much.

Try making it many times and learn when to add butter and how to control the temperature of the pot.



・ Suzuki fillet ……… 80g ✖️ 4 pieces

・ Salt, pepper ……… Each appropriate amount

・ Olive ……… Appropriate amount

○ Boulevard sauce

a. Shallot (also possible with onions) ……… 1 tablespoon

a. S Dragon ……… 1

a. White wine vinegar ……… 2 tablespoons

a. White wine ……… 80ml

a. Dry vermouth liquor (sweet white wine is also possible) ……… 3 tablespoons

a. Cream ……… 120ml

a. Unsalted butter ……… 2 tablespoons

a. Lemon juice ……… Slightly

○ Garnish (garnish)

・ Mashed potatoes ……… Appropriate amount

・ Carrots, zucchini, green onions ……… Each appropriate amount


[How to make boules blanc sauce]

1. Finely chop the shallot and put it in a small pot. Add esdragon, white wine vinegar, white wine, and dry vermouth liquor to it, heat over low heat, and simmer slowly.

2. Boil until the water in the pot is gone.

3. When the soup is gone, add fresh cream and boil lightly.

4. When it boils, remove the pan from the heat, add unsalted butter, stir, and simmer.

5. Strain with a strainer such as Chinois to make it smooth.

6. Add lemon juice to finish and it's done.



[How to make sea bass poele]

①. Lightly sprinkle salt and pepper on both sides of the sea bass fillet. Heat the frying pan and add olive oil. Set to medium heat and bake the sea bass crispy from the skin.

②. When the skin is crispy, turn it over and bake it in the oven at 180 ℃ for 4 to 5 minutes.

③. Garnish carrots, zucchini, green onions, shredded, fried in oil, and lightly sprinkled with salt.

③. Spread mashed potatoes in the middle of the plate and put the baked sea bass on it. Sprinkle warm "bourg blanc sauce" and serve the fried garnish of ③ on the sea bass to complete. You can also decorate with herbs such as chervil and dill.



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Speaking of French in Sendai, La Fleur de Cerisier


[ La   fleur de cerisier rough ruled Surijie]

Means "cherry blossom" in French.


We hope that it will take root in this town like a cherry blossom and become a shop loved by everyone.


We hope that you will find a store that will be useful to you.


La Fleur de Cerisier  

1-15-20 Ichibancho, Aoba-ku, Sendai

Sonoda Building 1st floor

TEL 022-724-7448

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