Basic bouillon, glassed borail

2021/04/13 blog

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A 17-minute walk from [Sendai Station] toward Tohoku University's Katahira Campus (southwest direction).

6 minutes walk from Sendai City Subway "Tozai Line" [Aoba-dori Ichibancho Station] toward Sendai High Court (southwest direction).


Along Gobashi-dori, Ichibancho.

A French bistro on the first floor with the French flag, opposite Mitsuhara-san.


French home cooking and wine

[La Fleur de Cerisier]

Owner chef Fumihito Sato




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Speaking of French cuisine, it has a high threshold and requires advanced technology and labor, so it cannot be reproduced at home! It is easy to think that.

Certainly, in restaurants, etc., many people are mobilized and it is made with great effort.

However, on the other hand, French food is eaten on a daily basis in every French family. Of course, there are differences between the dishes made at French restaurants and the dishes made at home, but the French cuisine that can actually be made at home in Japan today is simplified from the basic bouillon soup. However, I would like to introduce how to make it so that you can feel the spirit of French cuisine.

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《Chicken Ju》

This is the "basic chicken bouillon soup" introduced in the previous blog, and by adding chicken broth and simmering, it is finished in a richer soup stock. In French, "jus ju" refers to juice or liquid soup.

As a base for French cuisine sauce, it can be applied in various ways as a "soup stock" with concentrated umami.


・ Chicken gala ……… 250g

a. Onions ……… 30g

a. Carrot ……… 30g

a. Shallot (Western style onion) 30g

a. Poironegi (Western-style green onions, long green onions are also acceptable) ……… 30g

a. Ripe tomatoes ……… 1 small

・ Chicken bouillon soup ……… Appropriate amount (so that all vegetables are covered)

・ Bouquet garni (a bundle of herbs and spices) ……… A small bundle

[How to make]

①. Remove the internal organs of chicken gala, clean it well, and then arrange it on the top plate. Bake in an oven preheated to 200 ° C until lightly golden brown.

② Cut all the vegetables in a. into thin slices. Put sliced vegetables from a. In a pan, grilled chicken gala from ①, chicken bouillon soup, and bouquet garni, and bring to a boil over high heat.

③. When it boils, reduce the heat to low and simmer for about 3 hours while carefully scooping the lye.

At this time, if you boil it too much, the soup will become cloudy, so let's simmer gently over low heat.

Strain to finish, then cool and store.


《Chicken Glass de Boraille》

* Glass de Boraille is a concentrated soup made by further boiling and concentrating the above "chicken ju". It is also packed with chicken collagen, so it hardens into a jelly when cooled.

As a usage, it is used to give richness to the finish of the sauce.


a. Chicken juu ……… 300ml

Quatre Epis (mixed spices of 4 spices, usually pepper, nutmeg, ginger and cloves in powder form) ……… 1 tbsp

a. Sliced ginger ……… 1 piece

・ White wine ……… 30ml

・ Sake ……… Small amount

[How to make]

①. Put white wine and sake in a pot and heat over high heat to remove alcohol.

②. In the pot of ① where the alcohol content has flown. Add all the ingredients from a. and boil down to 1/5 of the amount.

③. When it is boiled, transfer it to a container to cool it and store it in the refrigerator.


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