Speaking of French in Sendai. Cutlets and croquettes.

2020/10/16 blog

◎ Sendai French Chef's Blog

A 17-minute walk from Sendai Station toward Tohoku University's Katahira Campus (southwest direction).


A 6-minute walk from "Aoba-dori Ichibancho Station" on the Sendai City Subway Tozai Line toward Sendai High Court (southwest).



Along Gobashi-dori, Ichibancho.

A French bistro on the first floor with the French flag, opposite Mitsuhara-san.


French home cooking and wine

[La Fleur de Cerisier]

Owner chef Fumihito Sato




I will do my best to help you today as well.


We hope that you will feel that this encounter is a very valuable and meaningful encounter.


Please stay with us until the end.


This time, I would like to explain from a scientific point of view the cooking method "fried food" that is often made at home.

I look forward to working with you today!


[About fried food pot]

In cooking methods such as baking, steaming, simmering, and frying, it is important to heat the food evenly and evenly from all around the food.

Among them, fried food is one of the ideal cooking methods because it is heated from the whole ingredient at high temperature.

However, one thing to keep in mind when frying is that if you don't finish it in the shortest possible time, you will absorb more oil and it will become heavier, which will affect the finish of the dish.

Therefore, the pot used for deep-fried food has a certain depth, and it is necessary to have enough oil to cover the ingredients firmly.

If you choose a pot under these conditions, if you put enough oil to cover the same ingredients, compare the case of putting oil in a flat-bottomed pot with the case of putting oil in a round-bottomed pot. It is rational because it uses less oil.

However, if the depth of the oil is the same in the round bottom pan and the flat bottom pan, the flat bottom pan contains more oil, so the flat bottom pan is the oil when the ingredients are added. It has the characteristic that the temperature does not easily drop.


Also, the main point of fried food is to adjust the temperature slightly, but the larger the amount of oil, the easier it is to adjust.


In addition, the flat-bottomed pan has the same oil depth in the central part of the pan and the part on the helicopter side, so there is an advantage that more ingredients can be fried at one time.


So, in conclusion, when you fry at home, you should use "round bottom pan", and if you have to do a lot of fried food at once, you should use "flat bottom pan".


[Difference in oil amount between cutlets and croquettes]

○ Do you fry croquettes in plenty of oil and cutlets in oil?

The classic French dishes are "veal cutlets" and "potato croquettes".

Even in Japan, these dishes have become so famous that they can be made at home.

I think that both of these two dishes are recognized as dishes that use a large amount of oil for cooking.

However, these "cutlets" and "croquettes" are slightly different in appearance even if they use the same oil.

I would like to explain the difference.

Originally, the name of cutlet comes from the French word "courtlet".

Cotelette refers to "slicing meat".

In the case of croquet, it is a dish in which vegetables and meat that have been cooked in advance, such as pretreatment, are put together using white sauce and potatoes, and then battered and fried.


On the other hand, cutlets are made by sprinkling flatly chopped meat (in some cases, it may be beaten even thinner) with a garment mixed with herbs.

And when cooking, it is not fried in a large amount of frying oil like Japanese pork cutlet, but it is baked with butter or lard (pork fat).

In other words, cutlets are "baked dishes", and there is a big difference from Japanese pork cutlets here.


Crockett, on the other hand, is easy for oil to soak into the inside, is soft and has a round shape, so if the amount of oil is small, it will be pressed against the bottom of the pot and crushed.

For this reason, we use plenty of oil and fry it so that the whole is soaked.


That's all for today!

Thank you for reading to the end today (o ^^ o)


See you next time on La Fleur de Cerisier's blog! (o ^^ o)


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Speaking of French in Sendai, La Fleur de Cerisier


[La fleur de cerisier La fleur de cerisier]

Means "cherry blossom" in French.


We hope that it will take root in this city like a cherry blossom and become a shop loved by everyone.


We hope that you will find a store that is useful to you.



La Fleur de Cerisier

1-15-20 Ichibancho, Aoba-ku, Sendai

Sonoda Building 1st floor

TEL 022-724-7448

Reservation staff

Fumihito Sato