The French bistro in Sendai has a commitment

The French bistro la rue de sizzier in Sendai offers an extensive menu of delicious dishes created by staff with high cooking skills. It is a bistro that uses delicious fresh ingredients and that all the meals that are made without leaving every work are delicious and received by many people, young and old alike.
Of course, we will correspond to the reservation of the loan, so please do not hesitate to make a reservation when entertaining or banquet with your important customers.

Characteristics of La Fleur de Slizzier

Rich menu of French bistro that has a reputation in Sendai

If you want to enjoy high-quality French cuisine, we recommend using the bistro, which is cooked with all your heart in mind. In order to meet the needs of customers with various tastes, we have prepared a variety of menus including meat dishes, pasta and pizza. Therefore, it is a shop that anyone can use freely.
I have a strong commitment to meat dishes, and cooked to bring out the original taste by bringing out the taste that meat has. There is also a large selection of liquors that are ideal for meat dishes, and the popular menu among them is a wine that excels well with meat. If you would like to enjoy the delicious food the owner chef makes while enjoying wine and cocktails, we recommend ordering on the course. In addition, since it is open not only on weekdays but also on Sundays, please visit us once.

The French bistro in Sendai offers the perfect food for you

The bistro, which is popular among locals, is cooked to the taste so that you can be delighted. We have a strong commitment in the variety of dishes we offer, and have carefully selected carefully selected ingredients for thorough quality control. Taking care of the original deliciousness of the ingredients has led to raising the deliciousness of the food to a higher level, and we will always offer food with confidence. In addition, it has been used by various customers because it is close to the station and the inside of the store is barrier-free.
A variety of one-off dishes, as well as all-you-can-drink all-you-can-drink and course dishes for banquets are popular. You can use it in various scenes such as year-end parties, entertaining events, anniversaries, etc. If you have trouble finding a bistro, please come to La Ruhrdo Slysee, who offers high-quality services.

We have plenty of fresh French cuisine in the Sendai area

A high-repeat rate bistro that offers a wide variety of menus, including meat dishes, wines and original cocktails, loves the residents of the community, especially when you can eat quality food at a safe price. It is done. We offer high quality menu with safe price so that local people can enjoy dining without shoulders and elbows. In addition, there are a wide range of dishes, from fresh and savory meat dishes, including simple seasoning to enjoy the ingredients, to a special dish, including salads and pasta that are highly popular with women who use fresh vegetables.
You can order with confidence because the grilling of meat also corresponds to your preference. The owner will hang out with your arms, so if you have any questions or wishes regarding cooking, please ask me anything.

Sendai French Bistro offers a variety of drinks

The bistro, which has been repeated by many local customers, has a wide variety of alcoholic drinks, including wine, so anyone who wants to enjoy a drink with a meal It fits well. In particular, the original cocktails that can not be tasted very well are popular among customers of all ages, regardless of gender, and boast high repeat rates. In addition, it is a bistro that offers a wide range of wines from French to savory, with a focus on easy-to-drink wines carefully selected by the owner, from sweet to dry.
Of course, we also have a large selection of soft drinks that will satisfy even those who are not good at drinking and unable to drink. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the drink menu we have.


Please visit the French bistro, which has a good reputation in Sendai

Please use it as it is perfect for entertaining and banquets

Sendai's fashionable French bistro, La fleur de cerisier, offers a variety of great drinks, including a meal menu using a variety of ingredients such as fresh and delicious meat and vegetables. In addition, since we are also open on Sundays, busy people can use it freely on weekdays.
The bistro, which offers a variety of high-quality menus at a safe price, has been well received by customers of all ages, so that first-time customers will know the atmosphere of the store. If you live in the surrounding area of the city, of course, we will offer a menu that will satisfy even the distant customers, so please come visit us.