A bistro that you can visit on foot from the nearest station Aobadori Ichibancho Station

Sendai's popular French restaurant La fleur de cerisier is within walking distance and access from the nearest station, Aoba Do Ichibancho, so you can drop in at any time. The shop is designed for barrier-free use, so anyone can use it freely. In addition, bistro boasts a high repeat rate mainly for customers in the area, many people are used for dating, entertaining, banquets, etc., you can use without hesitation in various scenes.
The food and drink tastes, and the detailed service are well-received by many customers, so you can spend a wonderful time whenever you come to the store. In addition, we strive to provide courteous service that is close to each customer, and we strive to satisfy not only our stomach but also our heart. We welcome you with heartfelt hospitality so that you can have a wonderful time in your memory, so if you want to enjoy a delicious meal in a well-accessed store, please use the many proven bistros.

Sendai French Restaurant is located near the station


Store name

La fleur de cerisier

Street address

Miyagi Prefecture Sendai City Aoba Ward Ichibancho 15-20 Sonoda Building 1F

phone number
business hours

17:00 to 1:00

Regular holiday

Fixed holiday


The popular French restaurant La fleur de cerisier in Sendai can be visited on foot from the nearest station, Aobadori Ichibancho Station. And, it is a shop that can be used in various scenes such as banquets, entertainment, and birthdays. We will provide a service that is close to our customers, so if you want to enjoy a meal in the bistro with good access and good food, please visit us once.

Our well-proven owner chef will cook with all your heart

You can come to the restaurant on foot from the station

The stylish, hidden atmosphere of the bistro is a great place for adults to enjoy a relaxed meal and drink. There is a high convenience where you can come to the store on foot from Aoba Dori Ichibancho Station, but since the calm space spreads when you enter the store one step, many people are used for entertainment, banquets and dating welcome. In addition, there are not only local people but also people who come to visit from distant areas. Such bistros where customers come to the store from various places are accepting reservations over the phone, so please contact us once if you want to enjoy a meal with your loved ones.
Smiles and courtesy so that not only regular customers but also customers who visit for the first time have a pleasant meal. We also offer course food, which is perfect for banquets, entertaining and even anniversary dates like birthdays. Of course there are all-you-can-drink, and you can use it if you want to go out with work, friends or lovers. If you are wondering where to shop, please come to the bistro that offers authentic cuisine at a safe price.

If you want to eat French at restaurants around Sendai, the fashionable and cozy bistro is for adults to enjoy a relaxed meal and drink. There is a convenient place where you can come to the store on foot from the nearest station, but there is a lot of people used for dating and entertainment as the calm space expands when you enter the store one step. Such bistro where visitor comes to from various places aims at the area first store and will continue to operate as shop loved by the customer for a long time in future. And, regular customers, as well as those who come to the store for the first time, will be able to have a pleasant meal, and will serve with smiles and politeness.
The French restaurant in Sendai offers a wide selection of salads and hearty meat dishes with plenty of fresh vegetables so that many customers can enjoy a delicious meal. There are also many special menus that you can only taste here, so you can have a meal while having fun. The atmosphere in the store is good, and it can be appreciated by many customers that they can spend a relaxing time at any time. The staff is committed to serving customers, and we strive to serve customers with a good atmosphere that will satisfy not only the stomach but also the heart, so please come visit us.